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General Farm Questions

What is Certified Naturally Grown?

Certified Naturally Grown is a grass-roots certifying agency that utilizes local farmers and local connections to verify that its farmers are following their standards of not using GMOs, chemical fertilizers or pesticides, and housing and treating their animals in a humane manner.  You can learn more about Certified Naturally Grown by clicking here

Do your animals get to go outside?  Are they raised on pasture?

Our animals live on pasture during the summer months (generally, May through November), except for the hogs.  The hogs have not proven that they will stay within our fencing, thus, they have an indoor/outdoor area in the barnyard.  We do bring them cut grass on a regular basis so that they get their greens, but in a secure environment.  In the wintertime all of our animals live outside with a covered area where they can escape the elements when they'd like.

shopping questions

Can I visit the farm to buy things?  Do you have regular business hours?

We love it when people come out and visit us.  Because this is a real, working farm, however, and there is always a lot to get done, we do not keep regular store hours.  Rather, we ask that our customers call (262-670-6561) or email ahead to make an appointment.  

What happens if I place an order for Farmer on the Go, or a different drop-off location, but then can't make it to pick up my items?

We understand that emergencies happen.  If you will be unable to make it to Farmer on the Go on the night you picked, please let us know by phone (262-670-6561) or email ASAP.  We reserve the right to refuse subsequent orders from chronic no-shows.

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